Monday, October 18, 2010

'Back to Dance' Free Dance Workshop

On this WorkShop, we wan and willing to share all about dance to everyone, we are welcoming everyone to attent this WorkShop, and it is totaly FREE~

This time, we will share with you 3 kind of Styles~
Let kindly do some introduce about 3 kind of STYLE~
The first one is "Waacking & Vogue"-
..."Waacking & Vogue" will be share out by LuckyStar, our pretty Lady~
"Waacking" is a dance that full of emotion and attitude, and also SOUL. It movement is more on arm & body, the main music style is DISCO Music.
"Vogue" 's main music is HOUSE Music. It is a very stylized modern dance, it posing with the body posture angle and curve, to portray itself as a model photo.

coming up next is "Vron's Dance Choreo"-
"Vron's Dance Choreo" is all about Vron style, Vron started dancing since 2004, he started as a "Moden Dance" dancer, after 2 years he steped in the "STREET", started to study "HIP HOP" and then he found out "POPPING" is his favorite, untill now he Fall in LOVE the his dance choreo, he had added smooth lyrics action, animation style and also hip hop style, so now he willing to share his dance style to everyone, this is the chance to know more, about about "HIP HOP" and him...

the last one is "Reggae DanceHall"-
"Reggae DanceHall" will be share by JOANNA Thor, our lovely lady^^
"Reggae DanceHall" and "Reggae" are diff, "Reggae" is NOT A DANCE STYLE, it is one KIND of music STYLE, the dance style that we knew are called "Reggae DanceHall".
"Reggae DanceHall" is one of the style that full of passion and joyfull.
The style is POWERFULL and also SMOOTH at the same time, then when we dance, it will feel very DYNAMIC and SEXY~

If you wanna know more, just step up D'vol and ask for more~!!
23 Oct 2010, is the best chance to know more~ learn more~ share more~

It is ALL about LOVE & JOY~

If intersted, please do phone up:~
016- 4372206 BRYAN
013- 4419018 VRON

** 30 ppl are the LIMIT~!!! make it quick!!! dun miss the chance~

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